Benefits of EPIDOTE

Crystal Therapy




Vitreous mass or translucent crystals often in Quartz         


Easily obtained    


United States, Bulgaria, Austria, France, Russia, Norway, South Africa, Pakistan, Mozambique, Mexico    

ATTRIBUTES Epidote increases spiritual attunement and removes ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. Not everyone responds well to this stone, however, as it can have the opposite effect - increasing negativity and bringing to the surface feelings and thought patterns that require considerable effort to transform.

Psychologically, Epidote enhances perception. Offering you the courage to enjoy life to the full and the ability to manifest dreams, it strengthens your sense of identity and personal power. This is the perfect stone for those who fall easily into victim hood or martyrdom, dispelling self-criticism and helping you to look objectively at your strengths and weaknesses and at those of other people. Teaching how to set realistic goals, it moves you away from unattainable expectations and the inevitable disappointments that rise when you plan from your emotions.

Clearing negative emotional states such as stress, self-pity and anxiety, Epidote purifies the emotional body, releasing grief and old emotional trauma. It keeps you centred no matter the situation you find yourself in. Its detoxification effect may create a powerful release of negative energy from the subtle bodies' and physical body, sometimes experienced as a once-and-for-all catharsis, or abreaction (best undertaken with a qualified crystal therapist), which clears the emotional blueprint' and cellular memory'.

Physically useful in convalescence, Epidote supports the body's healing processes and ensures that you look after yourself in the best way possible. It may well surface the underlying core causes of obesity and so facilitate weight loss, but you may need the assistance of a qualified therapist or healer to work through the issues.

HEALING Helpful for emotional trauma, stamina, the nervous and immune systems, cellular memory and dehydration. It supports the brain, thyroid, liver, gallbladder and adrenal glands. As a gem essence it is said to soften the skin.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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