Crystal Therapy


Deep red, silver-black       


Translucent stone               


Very rare                



ATTRIBUTES A high-energy stone, Fiskenaesset Ruby is one of the oldest forms of this gem on the planet. Spiritually, by assisting communication with the spirit world and inducing trance, Fiskenaesset Ruby facilitates entering a deep, altered state of consciousness with ease. It forms a powerful shield against psychic attack' and vampirism of heart energy and has traditionally been regarded as a major protector for family and possessions. Ruby is said to give warning by darkening when danger or illness threatens. Activating the alta-major (past-life) chakra, it is extremely helpful in core soul healing and past-life work as it accesses soul memory and spiritual learning, and brings about multi- dimensional cellular healing. The stone helps to overcome spiritual depletion where too much energy has been given to others to assist their evolution to the detriment of your inner self.

Psychologically, this stone promotes individuality while at the same time retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. It encourages passion for life, improves motivation and assists in setting realistic goals, teaching you how to plan for the future without emotional involvement or unhelpful projections'. Facilitating dynamic leadership, courage and selflessness, this stone encourages you to 'follow your bliss'. Ruby promotes positive dreams and clear visualization. One of the stones of abundance, it assists in retaining wealth and passion.

Emotionally, Fiskenaesset Ruby teaches emotional independence and autonomy, bringing about the realization that you alone are responsible for creating and maintaining your well-being and happiness, and are not dependent on any external source, including a partner or loved one. However, passionate Ruby also deepens true love and rekindles libido.

At a physical level, Fiskenaesset Ruby strengthens the flow of life- force, stimulating the immune system and the circulation. Overcoming exhaustion and lethargy, it imparts vigour to life and is beneficial for recovery from extended stress or chronic illness.

HEALING Beneficial for physical vitality, blood and lymph, the circulatory system, fertility, sexual potency, hyperactivity, detoxification, over-acidity, insomnia and restricted blood flow, fevers and infectious disease. It supports the heart, adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.


POSITION Wear, hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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