Benefits of FLINT

Crystal Therapy


Black, white, blue, grey, brown, yellow, orange                    


Dense and glassy, often coated white       


Readily available                  



ATTRIBUTES Sacred since time began, Flint is a powerful stabilizer and cleanser and draws the help of the gods to an enterprise. Originally black, it weathers to different colours. Used for eons to accompany the dead to the next world, Flint calls guides and power allies. Protective, it turns back curses and ill-wishing' and is said to prevent nightmares.

Spiritually, Flint hones the spirit and cuts away all that is outworn and outgrown, slicing through psychological blockages and problems and ties etherically linking people. At the chakras, it dissolves cords and heals the site. Flint shards perform etheric surgery and cauterize past- life wounds, clearing the etheric blueprint', physical or etheric bodies. With its stabilizing action, Flint brings structural integrity to mental and physical bodies. Creating a shamanic anchor' for journeys' to re-member your soul, Flint creates the inner-core solidity to ride out earth changes. An effective conductor for electromagnetic energy, Flint enhances energy flow and is a powerful earth healer.

Symbolizing the deep masculine and Green Man earth mysteries, this nurturing stone also provides a strong link to the Earth Mother, taking you into her womb to reconnect to wise femininity and priestess power. Perfect for rites of passage that mark the transitions of womanhood, it assists men in connecting to their feminine qualities.

HEALING Disperses pain and disease'; supports the reproductive system, cellular memory". tissue restructuring and skin elasticity; overcomes depression and obsessive disorders, warts, moles and wrinkles, stones and growths. It is excellent for jaw or back pain.

POSITION Grid , hold or wear. Place orange or dark Flint on the earth chakra and white or blue Flint or Selenite on the soul star to activate the cosmic anchor'. Combine with Selenite or Natrolite to ground' vibrational downloads' and create a stable matrix within the earth during profound change, or to reverse polluted earth-energy flows. Combine with Nuumite for entity removal'.


Black or Brown Flint assists in understanding the deeper causes of depression and accepting the shadow' side of your nature, finding the gift within.

Orange Flint gives inner strength during difficult times, lifting obsessive tendencies.


Blue Flint lifts you above the mundane into higher spiritual understanding of disease. Mentally supportive when you are struggling with causes of problems and blockages, Blue Flint clears these, facilitating concentrated, focused thought. 

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