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ATTRIBUTES A form of Fuchsite mica, Frondellite is a powerful cleanser for psychic infections especially those lodged in the third eye, removing negative energy, implants' and power struggles that cross the psychic airways from a different time and space and dissolving thoughts and ill-wishing' from the present day However, the effect can be nauseous as a psychic detox takes place that may need other stones to move it out of the physical body Frondellite is best used with Strengite to transmute the process.

Psychologically, Frondellite is helpful for those with an obsessive fear of dirt and bacteria, taking you back to uncover the cause and reframe the experience. In the process you may experience emotional catharsis and replay very dark feelings and this is best done under the guidance of a past-life therapist.

Mentally, Frondellite organizes disorganized thought and brings order out of chaos enabling you to see the pattern or solution instantly In this respect it is useful in game or role playing.

Emotionally, Frondellite assists in releasing negative emotions and too strong a hold on the past, freeing you up for change and transformation.

Physically, Frondellite can be beneficial in stimulating T-cell production and balancing the immune system.

HEALING Works best beyond the physical level of being, but can be used as a wrist rest to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.



Frondellite with Strengite has a more gentle purification and transmutation energy, lifting you above the cause of disease' or phobia to observe and detach without fully entering the experience. It cleanses the third eye and strengthens it so that the psychic infection cannot re-enter. 

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