Benefits of FULGARITE

Crystal Therapy


Sandy-beige, grey, yellowish         


Tiny grains cemented into a tube                 


Easily obtained    


United States, Sahara, Gobi Desert           

ATTRIBUTES Fulgarite is formed when lightning hits sand - an event that tightly focuses an enormous amount of energy into a tiny space. Despite its delicacy, Fulgarite has traditionally been a powerful shamanic soul tool, as this stone holds high-frequency energy from the strike. When a shaman takes a journey' to retrieve lost child or soul parts', those parts are placed into Fulgarite for safe travel during the return. Fulgarite is then placed over the heart chakras and the lost child or soul part is gently blown home, the lightning strike opening the way. The stone also transports soul parts left at a traumatic past-life death, trauma, disappointment or other event that tethers the soul into another life. This stone assists a journey into the between-life state' to ascertain why a soul did not fully incarnate in the present. Purifying soul fragments passed through the pipe, Fulgarite brings the soul home for reintegration.

Traditionally used spiritually to blow prayers to the universe, Fulgarite is a powerful tool for manifesting dreams. Set your intention, speak it out loud and blow through the Fulgarite to set it free to manifest in the best way possible for your highest good. Accelerating the spiritual growth of humanity, the centre of the tube is a conduit for divine energy to pass into the physical. It creates an energy vortex from the chakras into the subtle bodies' that purifies, realigns and re-energizes as it moves through the frequencies, taking body and soul to a higher level and opening the way for new patterns to imprint. A perfect shamanic anchor', Fulgarite opens the earth section of a cosmic anchor', attaching you deep into the earth's core.

Psychologically, Fulgarite facilitates letting go of anything blocking progress, opening the way for new behaviours that serve your higher being and present state of evolution.

Mentally, by bringing thought into form, Fulgarite teaches how to hold only the highest and most positive of intents.

Physically, Fulgarite can be gridded' around the body to draw off negative energy or blockages and to replenish energy lost to psychic vampirization or chronic disease,

HEALING Blasts through restrictions and constrictions that block energy or blood flow, and raises energy levels and libido, but its most profound work is at the soul level.

POSITION Hold or place as appropriate. Handle Fulgarite gently and do not apply pressure.



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