Benefits of GASPEITE

Crystal Therapy


Dark and light apple green              


Opaque, mottled and veined        


Rare but increasingly available especially as jewellery        


Canada, Australia              

ATTRIBUTES Gaspeite is one of the stones lending strength during the evolution of the earth and to all those upon it. Spiritually, it fortifies the soul and grounds spiritual energy into the body assuring that, if you need help, you only have to ask. Meditate with Gaspeite while sitting on the ground, setting out any difficulties and trusting that the answer will come in the most appropriate way. Hold it whenever you need safe passage as it facilitates moving through dark or dangerous places without being noticed. If you have a lower-world' journey' to make during shamanic or soul-retrieval' work, Gaspeite wraps you in a cloak of invisibility and invincibility.

Wear protective Gaspeite over the spleen chakra (under your left armpit) if you are vampirized by an energy pirate or undermined by a needy person, and wear it under your right armpit for protection against another person's anger-especially if you have cut off their energy supply by closing your spleen chakra and they retaliate with anger or resentment.

Emotionally, Gaspeite is helpful when you feel resentful or bitter about life or that someone has had the gall to do something hurtful or destructive. Dissolving anger, hurt, distress or pain in the heart and opening the higher heart chakra, this stone cleanses the liver chakra area beneath your right armpit of your anger and any spite that may be sent your way by someone else, bringing in calm emotions. This stone bridges the emotional and physical levels of being and ameliorates the psychosomatic effects of the mind on the body when emotions and thoughts that no longer serve have physicalized into stone-like concretions or blockages that need to be dissolved.

HEALING Supports the liver and gallbladder and is beneficial for gallstones, duct blockages, cirrhosis and intestinal problems, sedating or stimulating the tract as required; soothes nausea and travel sickness.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Place under the armpit for energy protection. Keep Gaspeite in your pocket while travelling.



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