Benefits of GOETHITE

Crystal Therapy




Deeply ribbed opaque stone or 'stars'       


Easily obtained    


United States, Germany, England, France, Canada            

ATTRIBUTES Meditating with Goethite feels like being suspended in a still, silent point of non-action and non-doing. With Goethite, you simple are. It opens a cosmic anchor', attaching you safely between the core of the earth and the galactic centre'.

Spiritually, this stone resonates to the number 44, the number of metamorphosis. It facilitates clairaudience and metaphysical abilities'. It is useful for any form of divination, revealing soul intention for the future in situations where knowing this is helpful for your journey.

Goethite purifies the emotional body. Releasing hooks and past-life feelings and beliefs about yourself that no longer serve your purpose, it fills your heart with compassion for what you have been through, showing the gift in the experience.

Physically, this stone supplies the energy necessary for enjoying the human experience and enhances the flow of oxygen around the body. A useful communication tool, it combines inspiration with the pragmatic ability to get things done and assists the physical body in recovery following any kind of trauma.

Environmentally, being strongly attuned to the healing power of nature, this stone enhances dowsing abilities, aligning to the note of the earth. Taking you to meet devas' and the anima terra, soul of the earth, it sensitizes you to subtle energies and the currents within the earth and the human body, and facilitates the fine-tuning of the energy meridians' of the planet. Goethite clears the earth and the base chakras, aligning the whole chakra system to connect the earth and higher mind.

HEALING Supports weight training. Assists epilepsy, anaemia, menorrhagia and the ears, nose, throat, alimentary canal, veins, oesophagus and bone marrow.

POSITION Hold or position as appropriate. Grid for extraterrestrial contact.


Iridescent Rainbow Goethite cuts through depression, gloom and despondency, instilling light and hope into your life. It is particularly useful for enhancing metaphysical gifts.


NOTE Goethite forms the stars in Star Hollandite Quartz 

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