Crystal Therapy


Yellow or golden yellow                   


Translucent or transparent, striated crystal             


Becoming widely available              


Madagascar, Myanmar, Afghanistan        

ATTRIBUTES Attuned to the golden flame' of the illumined mind, Golden Danburite works on the highest frequency of the heart and higher heart energy, linking to the universal mind and angelic realms.

Spiritually instilling serenity and eternal wisdom, in meditation this stone goes to a pure state of consciousness and accesses profound guidance, taking you to hear the music of the spheres. By the bedside, it accompanies the dying on the journey beyond death, enabling conscious spiritual transition.

Karmically, Golden Danburite facilitates deep change and acts as a soul cleanser, releasing miasms', emotions and mental soul imperatives' that have been carried forward. This stone dispels mental hooks located in the subtle bodies'. It accesses the soul plan' for your current lifetime and points the soul in a new direction. Mentally, this stone enhances brain function and information-processing.

HEALING A powerful healing stone that works best psychosomatically. Helps allergies and chronic conditions; has a strong detoxifying action, treats the liver and gall bladder; assists muscular and motor function.


POSITION Place as appropriate - over the heart, or under a pillow for lucid dreams.


Aqua Aura Danburite is enhanced with gold to provide a high-vibration' link to All That Is. Connecting the spiritual and physical hearts and activating compassion and forgiveness for the past, this stone opens its arms and welcomes soul fragments' home.

Drusy Danburite is coated in fine Quartz points, amplifying heart energy to a finer vibration and drawing in archangels and higher powers, promoting an inflow of Buddha energy and universal love. This stone fosters harmony, making it easier to accept and give help and to show thankfulness and appreciation. Increasing compassion, Drusy Danburite instils the ability to laugh at life even in the most difficult circumstances. This combination is a wonderful gift for the terminally ill or the deeply troubled soul.


Psychologically, Drusy Danburite promotes ease, changing recalcitrant attitudes and instilling patience and peace of mind - it is perfect for those who find it difficult to have patience and trust in 'right timing'. Drusy Danburite has a strong emotional detoxifying and purifying action. Combine with Smoky Quartz for maximum effect. 

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