Benefits of HACKMANITE

Crystal Therapy


Blue, lilac, pink    


Dense opaque or crystalline stone              


Rare (heated amended stones are available)         


Greenland, Canada, Russia, Australia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan  

ATTRIBUTES A higher resonance' of Sodalite, Hackmanite has an extremely fine vibration while remaining connected to the earth. Activating a cosmic anchor' and protecting the biomagnetic sheath', it opens an in-body expansion into the infinity of being and integrates the light body. It efficiently cuts ties at the subtle chakra levels.

Spiritually, this refined stone unites intuition with logic, accessing the higher mind and connecting it to the physical plane to create the illumined mind. It facilitates deep meditative states and attunes to spiritual gifts that bring joy, freedom and healing.

Psychologically, Hackmanite assists in understanding the situation in which you find yourself, aligning to the soul's purpose in taking on such an experience. It is a useful stone for accepting your shadow energies and finding the treasure within them. It transforms a defensive or over-sensitive personality, illuming and releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms that hold the soul back from full expression. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self- trust. With a powerful desire for truth and idealism, Hackmanite urges you to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs.

Mentally and karrnically", Hackmanite sets you free from intellectual bondage and rigid mindsets, especially from religious ideals imprinted in the past opening your mind to infinite new possibilities. Allowing a rational and yet intuitive perception, it assists in verbalizing feelings, creating space to put your new insights into practice.

Environmentally, Hackmanite clears electromagnetic pollution. It is helpful when gridded" against sick building syndrome, electromagnetic smog' or multiple chemical allergies.

HEALING Supports metabolism and the lymphatic system, immune system, throat, vocal cords and larynx. Beneficial for calcium deficiencies, radiation damage, insomnia, hoarseness, digestive disorders, fevers, blood pressure, torn ligaments and absorption of fluid.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Hackmanite with Violet Ussingite works extremely well to earth exceptionally high spiritual vibrations' and to ground the expanded awareness of an ascended soul into the physical realm.


NOTE If the combination stone is not available, use individual Ussingite above Hackmanite, preferably mounted in silver. 

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