Benefits of HANKSITE

Crystal Therapy


Green, grey, white, brown, yellow             


Translucent crystal, greasy or powdery with clay inclusions              


Rare but increasingly available      



ATTRIBUTES Containing borax and Halite, Hanksite formed through evaporation and is found in deep mud, symbolizing wisdom awaiting release from the dross of the past. This stone is deeply purifying and assists breathing in toxic places. Accessed through past-life and soma chakras, Hanksite retrieves true feminine power and intuition. It combines particularly well with Lemurian Seed crystals.

Spiritually, by promoting multi-dimensional evolution, Hanksite contains powerful knowledge to accelerate expanded consciousness locked away since the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis. Facilitating reconnection to these civilizations and to personal power and wisdom held then, it cautions that this power must be used for the good of all, not for selfish gain. A stone of forgiveness, the Halite component heals mistakes and misuses of power and reminds you not to repeat such experiences. Hanksite makes an effective psychic protector, especially against spirit attachment", Purifying and cathartic on all levels, it clears chakras and cleanses other stones. Facilitating a rapid detox of detritus from many lifetimes, it cleanses ancient anger, jealousy and resentment or manipulation and transmutes their effect in the physical body, stabilizing mood swings. Drawing out impurities and creating inner balance, it assists in attuning to the guidance of your spiritual rather than your emotional self. Recreating a playful, innocent inner child" state, Hanksite can also surface childlike fear and feel cold and repulsive.

Mentally, Hanksite creates a more objective perspective, clearing thought and behaviour patterns that no longer serve a purpose.

Environmentally, it has been described as 'a time bomb of what things eventually return to' - a mirror of the world before humankind began and a state our planet could return to if humankind continues to violate it. This crystal will support the planet in regenerating when the ozone layer and air are depleted. It assists in applying ancient wisdom to modern problems.

HEALING Useful for water retention and detoxification, metabolism and cellular memory, intestinal problems and the skin. Helpful for colds and breathing difficulties caused by an excess of mucus or inflammation.

POSITION Place at the feet. Grid into a Star of David with Smoky Elestial at the centre to draw off toxicity, or use as a stabilizer for a Lemurian crystal. If headache and nausea occur, push the energy out into a Smoky Quartz placed on the earth chakra.

NOTE Dissolves when wet. Keep dry and cleanse in uncooked brown rice.



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