Crystal Therapy


Silver and gold      


Beautiful silver and gold opaque stone    




Africa, Australia                 

ATTRIBUTES Hematite with Rutile combines the grounding' and energizing functions of Hematite with the cleansing properties of Rutile into a high-vibration' stone that activates the past life and soma chakras and deep soul connections.

Spiritually, placed on the soma and soul star chakras, this stone attunes to the true self and assists in embodying it into the physical realm so that it functions beyond duality or division. The combination purifies and reintegrates dismembered parts of your soul, wherever they may be and from whatever brings about profound multi-dimensional healing, cleansing chakras up to the highest levels, anchoring the light body' and bringing about an unshakeable connection with the highest vibrations in the universe.

This combination is particularly useful for deep karmic' and soul cleansing. It corrects the etheric blueprint' and repairs the cellular memory', re-energizing and realigning the physical body.

Psychologically, Hematite with Rutile offers insight into the psychosomatic causes of dis-ease' and then assists in rebalancing the emotional and other subtle bodies'. This powerfully protective and regenerative stone helps with reconciliation and the bringing together of opposites, assisting both impersonal and personal relationships. Whatever needs balancing in your life will be brought into equilibrium by this stone.

HEALING Works best beyond the physical level of being, acting on the subtle bodies to bring about multi-dimensional healing.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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