Crystal Therapy


Reddish yellow                    


Large squares or planes of opaque crystal               


Fairly easily obtained         


United States, Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania               

ATTRIBUTES Combining the stabilizing power of Hematite with the purifying energies of Calcite, Hematoid Calcite is an excellent stone for grounding' and assimilating influxes of energy - hold it or place over the base chakra for five or ten minutes or until the energy stabilizes. Carry this powerfully protective stone when you are in a strong energy field, particularly if the energies clash, as it quickly cleanses and harmonizes the environment.

Psychologically, this stone is helpful for anyone who has become locked into a predator pattern, stopping at nothing to get what they want and ignoring the needs and feelings of others; or for someone who is the apparent victim of such a person, but who is, in reality, punishing themselves for their own perceived guilt and inadequacy. Hematoid Calcite enables you to step forward to mutual cooperation.

Mentally, Hematoid Calcite is a supportive stone for the memory, so if you have 'senior moments' or lose things or cannot remember birthdays or names, keep this stone with you. It ameliorates mental confusion, restoring lucidity and structuring thought.

Physically, Hematoid Calcite instils vitality and supports self-healing, encouraging the body to mobilize its natural defences.

Environmentally, Hematoid Calcite is helpful for gridding' a workplace, particularly if this is a site of ego conflict or manipulation. Hematite stabilizes the emotional field and Calcite pours soothing energy into the environment, restoring peace and harmony.

HEALING Beneficial for the memory, blood cleansing, oxygenation and stress.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Honey Phantom Calcite (Mariposa Calcite) gives a protective coating of purifying light to the biomagnetic sheath' and imparts physical endurance to the body. It is an effective healer for any form of abuse. A grounding stone that breaks old patterns and teaches right use of power, it assists in manifesting abundance on earth through your own efforts.



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