Benefits of HERDERITE

Crystal Therapy


Golden, grey, brown, green, purplish-lavender


Opaque or translucent stone with natural facets and terminations




Brazil, South Africa, United States, Germany, Russia

ATTRIBUTES A high-vibration stone, Herderite aligns the subtle chakras, raising consciousness to the highest possible levels and awakening the illumined mind. Stones from different locations vary in colour and are specific in their action, affecting people according to their personal energetic blueprint" and readiness to move to a new stage of evolution.

Spiritually, when Herderite opens the third eye, it involves full body awareness of the multi-dimensional self and a deep connection to the earth. Holding this stone, your body feels perfectly supported by the earth so that you walk lightly but purposefully upon it.

Herderite promotes the evolution of the physical brain to manifest heightened awareness and the energies of the higher mind on the earth. Physically, it re-patterns the etheric blueprint so that brain injuries or blockages are brought back to the optimum pattern. It is helpful for improving concentration and memory. Attuning to Herderite facilitates restructuring at every level.

HEALING Working mostly beyond the physical level of being to effect multi-dimensional healing, Herderite assists headaches, migraines and brain-damage and supports brain function, the pancreas and spleen.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Place over the third eye to clear" migraine arising from the blocking of metaphysical gifts".


Golden Herderite links to the divine within and assists in recognizing that you are god. This stone takes you into a blissful space that appears 'far out' yet is actually an inner dimension, embodying your divine being more fully. It particularly resonates with the soul star and stellar gateway chakras.



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