Benefits of HEULANDITE

Crystal Therapy


Peach, white, green          


Crystalline to vitreous opaque pearly crystals on a matrix                 


Easily obtained    


India, Iceland      

ATTRIBUTES Heulandite is an extremely beneficial stone if you want to evolve. Karmically", it assists in reconnecting to ancient knowledge and skills from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis and from other past lives. Facilitating the traversing of inter-and inner- dimensional" spaces, it accesses and provides insights into the Akashic Record and takes you back into the karmic past to release negative emotions and to recover from loss of any kind. It then shows how such knowledge can be applied to your present life.

Psychologically, Heulandite facilitates the change of ingrained habits or behaviours, especially those held at a cellular level, replacing them with openness to new ways and exciting possibilities.

Emotionally, this is a useful stone for releasing jealousy and other negative emotions and for alleviating patronizing attitudes of superiority and condescension or feelings that you are better than someone else. Green Heulandite, in particular, avoids judgemental or condemning attitudes. It assists in recognizing the equality of value of each soul and promotes forgiveness in whichever direction it is required.

Physically, each colour of the stone works on different physical and subtle levels: white on the brain and nervous system; pink on the endocrine system; and green on the heart, ameliorating the effect of painful emotions on the body and replacing them with the joy of living.


Dedicate Heulandite and leave it in your environment to quietly bring about the changes sought, although it needs cleansing regularly.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory and mobility; supports weight reduction, growth, the lower limbs, blood flow, the kidneys and liver.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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