Benefits of ICE QUARTZ

Crystal Therapy






Pure white crystal that is fissured and etched        





ATTRIBUTES Ice Quartz, often labelled Glacial Etched Quartz, looks and feels similar to Nirvana Quartz but is less intense. It resonates with the energy of the recently discovered celestial body Sedna and the Inuit myth of the goddess who, after being thrown out of a kayak by her creator-god father, had charge of the creatures of the sea.

Spiritually, this gentle stone is a useful intermediary when the energy of Nirvana Quartz is too overpowering for the level of awareness so far attained. Attuning to it quietly shifts barriers, opens consciousness and gives a glimpse of exciting possibilities but does not overwhelm, giving you time to adjust and unfold at your own pace. An expert on right timing, Ice Quartz is a useful stone to hold if you wish to know why something has not come to fruition. It shows the gift in patient waiting. Holding Ice Quartz takes you into profound stillness, aligning to the inner divine and the immensity of being. When the time is right you become aware of the call to be all that you are - and of the means to make the journey.

A karmic' emotional healer that assists in releasing victim mentality or victimization and anything from past lives that is emotionally entangling, Ice Quartz helps in stepping off the karmic treadmill of relationships. Emotionally, it unblocks frozen feelings and shows how to let go. This stone teaches emotional independence and autonomy, bringing about the realization that you alone are responsible for creating and maintaining your sense of well-being and happiness, and releasing dependence on any external source, including a partner or loved one. Ice Quartz also shows that aloneness is not loneliness and that there is value in solitariness and isolation, opening the way to finding solace in being with your Self.

Psychologically, Ice Quartz helps in letting go of control mechanisms that have historically made you feel safe from hurt. Encouraging a release of the need to do it you r way, th is stone opens you to a new relatedness to yourself, others and the world, and introduces the world of conscious choices.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the soul, but is helpful for frozen shoulder and arthritis.

POSITION Hold or grid to create a sacred space.


NOTE Combine Ice Quartz with Nirvana Quartz at the soul star and higher crown chakras to step high-vibration' energy down for gentle assimilation. 

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