Crystal Therapy




White, red and black         


Flecked, opaque stone    




Greenland, Alaska            

ATTRIBUTES Kakortokite is a high-energy stone imbued with life-force and vitality, although it does not reach the highest of vibrations'. Spiritually, this stone teaches how to 'breathe and be', experiencing at one and the same time a physical connection with the earth and a spiritual connection with the infinity of being. It shows that what is in front of you r eyes is the perfect manifestation of where a nd what you need to be right now.

Kakortokite is formed geothermally from red Eudialyte and black Arfvedsonite in white Syenite: a powerful fusion of energy and colour. This Plutonian stone unites earth, base, heart, crown and soul star chakras, opening the way for an in-pouring of light and activating a cosmic anchor', securing it in the earth's core. Connecting to the galactic centre', this stone acts as a conduit for the cosmic life-force to refertilize the earth and enables riding out energetic changes to come. It also assists lower- and upper-world' journeys'.

Karmically', it draws together soul companions and members of a soul group' and throws light on the reason for the reunion, which may be complex and to do with ancient soul purpose. This stone is useful for checking out whether soul contracts and soul imperatives' are still valid. If letting go is required, Kakortokite helps in cutting ties and forgiving yourself and the other party.

Psychologically, Kakortokite strengthens confidence in your abilities- and enhances the trust of others. The sheer effort of mining this stone indicates a quality of indomitable will and determination to overcome all obstacles. The sureness of foot needed to convey it down the cliffs helps in adapting to any circumstances and negotiating your way skillfully through adversity.

Emotionally, Kakortokite ameliorates jealousy, animosity, anger and resentment and assists in forgiveness. A stone of cheerfulness, it overcomes depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as its bright vibrations lift the spirits and chase away winter gloom. Physically, Kakortokite re-energizes and re-oxygenates the body and the blood.


HEALING Useful for energy depletion, SAD, multi-dimensional cellular healing; said to strengthen the optic nerve; supports the liver, blood and nervous system.


POSITION Wear or position as appropriate. 

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