Crystal Therapy


Grey-blue-green (Shadow) and black (Midnight)                 


Dense, mottled stone with golden flecks                 




Peru (one mine only)      

ATTRIBUTES This powerful stone stands between the thresholds of two worlds. If you work at the interface between body and higher consciousness, or one person and another, Lemurian Jade facilitates keeping the boundary strong while understanding intuitively what is occurring on the other side. Hold this stone during shamanic work to deepen the connection with the Earth Mother, power allies and nature in the raw. It creates a shamanic anchor' and activates a cosmic anchor', stabilizing your core energy field to assimilate vibrational shifts and ground earth-energy changes.

Spiritually, Lemurian Jade helps in walking lightly on the earth and restores the balance between nature, planet and humankind. Use it to attune to telluric currents', practice earth healing' or become one with rocks or stones. A stone of initiation, Lemurian Jade accompanies the dying to their new abode and assists in any transition in life, especially those that occur on the spiritual level. Containing Jade, Quartz, Iron Pyrite and other minerals, this stone is highly protective. With its ability to pass through darkness confidently, teaching the value and gifts found in dark places wherever they may be, Lemurian Jade is a stalwart companion in testing times before the light returns. It draws on to your path anyone from the past with whom there is unfinished business or who is on your soul plan' for the present lifetime. The darker the colour, the more this stone facilitates your journey through the mysteries, inner and outer.

Psychologically, Lemurian Jade assists anyone who has had a difficult life in the past whenever that may be, and heals abuse of any kind. Stabilizing emotions, it opens the heart and instils a sense of gratitude for what is rather than what is lacking. Wear it constantly if you suffer from 'poor-me' syndrome - it turns attention to what you can give to others rather than how hard done by you are. When this shift occurs, the stone draws joyful abundance towards you. Attuned to the divine feminine principle, Lemurian Jade assists that energy to manifest in both men and women, bringing about an inner integration and moving beyond a gender-specific perspective on life.

HEALING Provides support during the recovery process or a chronic disease that affects the immune system, which it strengthens. It revitalizes the immune system and the heart.

POSITION Hold or position as appropriate. Place on the earth chakra.

NOTE Lemurian Jade has a similar energy to Healers Gold from Arizona.



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