Crystal Therapy


Green or orange bi-coloured         


Opaque leopard-like markings      


Easily obtained    


South America  

ATTRIBUTES A bridge to the deepest mysteries of duality, Leopardskin Jasper assists in redressing the balance between light and dark, teaching how to recognize dark as a complement to light rather than its opposite. Associated with the west on the medicine wheel and strongly protective, this is a shamanic shape- shifter's stone, helpful during journeying' and putting you in touch with Jaguar, Cougar, Leopard and Panther allies. Shutting off your outer vision and focusing perception, Leopardskin Jasper assists in listening to your inner voice. Paradoxically, by reflecting the outside world, Leopardskin Jasper clears ingrained assumptions and teaches you to see what is, assessing your situation with clarity.

Spiritually assisting in fulfilling karmic' agreements or soul contracts made before incarnating, Leopardskin Jasper highlights where those contracts are no longer appropriate and assists in rescinding or renegotiating the terms and intent, breaking ties where necessary.

Psychologically, this stone reduces insecurities, heals the emotional body and strengthens a sense of self. The perfect tool for balance between passivity and activity, spirituality and emotion, Leopardskin Jasper delineates your life path. It provides protection while you are meeting challenges and fulfilling goals. If you leave part of yourself in the future when planning ahead, this stone gently returns you to now.

Emotionally, this stone overcomes guilt, fear and emotional stress, bringing in calm tranquility.

Physically, Leopardskin Jasper activates twelve-strand DNA healing', fortifies your body's natural resistance and assists in maintaining optimum health and well-being. Environmentally, Leopardskin Jasper engenders respect for the innate wisdom and healing methods of native peoples and encourages a connection between humankind and the animal world, bringing about environmental harmony.

HEALING Helpful for cellular memory". DNA, tissue regeneration, digestive processes, excretion, abdominal pain, skin diseases, kidney or gallstones and for overcoming body odour and insomnia.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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