Crystal Therapy


Green, grey and black       


Leopardskin-like opaque stone                    




Britain, Norway, Russia, Zimbabwe, Italy, United States, Switzerland, Canada       

ATTRIBUTES Tactile Leopardskin Serpentine responds to holding and mental connection rather than placement on the body. With its powerful grounding' energy, this shamanic stone keeps you earthed while undertaking lower-world' journeys' and facilitates trance and deep meditation, opening a direct channel to spiritual guidance. Belonging to the west on the medicine wheel, this shamanic stone accesses Leopard energy and facilitates travelling with the Leopard or Jaguar as a power or healing animal, or shape- shifting when necessary. Karmically', Leopardskin Serpentine assists in reclaiming power, especially where this has been given away, stolen or misused in previous lives or in other dimensions.

Psychologically, Leopardskin Serpentine offers insights into why you are living the life you are, highlighting soul choices and the qualities being brought out, and assists in making any adjustments that may be necessary to align with your soul plan' for the present lifetime.

Environmentally, Leopardskin Serpentine instils a deep love of the earth and wild places. It helps in finding solace in nature and defending the wilderness that oxygenates the planet.

HEALING Detoxifies and balances the thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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