Crystal Therapy




Crusty opaque crystals or reddish inclusions           


Easily obtained    


Spain, India          

ATTRIBUTES Deepening your intuition and linking this to your practical mind, Lepidocrocite acts as a bridge between matter and consciousness, enhancing the application of spiritual insights to functional reality.

Aligning and stimulating all the chakras, Lepidocrocite cleanses the biomagnetic sheath'.

Spiritually, this stone enables the teaching of truth without dogma and the art of observing without making judgements. It strengthens the ability to empower others without entering into power struggles yourself. Giving the strength to make an enduring commitment to your life journey wherever it takes you, it facilitates the work you must do in accordance with your soul plan'. Lepidocrocite assists in recognizing your strengths at whatever level these occur. This stone stimulates the mind and grounds yourself into the functional reality of the mundane world.

Mentally, Lepidocrocite dissolves confusion and overcomes negative thoughts, aloofness and disparity, replacing these with unconditional love, whether for yourself, the environment or humanity.

Physically, this stone is useful for calming hyperactivity, bi-polar or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other frenetic- energy imbalances.

HEALING Enhances the healing energy of other stones. It is said to act as an appetite suppressant and be beneficial for the liver, iris, reproductive organs; dissolves tumours and encourages cellular regeneration.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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