Benefits of LIMONITE

Crystal Therapy




Glassy dense mass, metallic or dull may be occluded or rusty         


Easily obtained    


Brazil, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Russia, Cuba, Zaire, India, Namibia, United States     

ATTRIBUTES Resonating with the earth, base and sacral chakras, Limonite is iron oxide, a grounding' and protective mineral that stabilizes, imparts endurance and stimulates inner strength, particularly when faced with extreme conditions.

Spiritually, Limonite guards against mental influence or ill-wishing' and prevents psychic overwhelming. It affords the physical body protection during metaphysical activities and enhances telepathy.

Psychologically, Limonite is useful for removing yourself from the mire, whatever form that may take. It facilitates standing your ground without needing to fight back and favourably assists legal situations. With the support of other stones, it brings about inner-child' healing.

Mentally, this stone is a powerful intellectual facilitator, sharpening the mind and increasing efficiency of thought and ameliorating confusion. Physically, Limonite is traditionally used as a treatment for dehydration and was said to restore youthful properties.

HEALING Useful for purification jaundice, fevers, the liver and digestion and overcoming dehydration; supports the muscoskeletal system and the assimilation of iron and calcium.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Limonite is easiest to use in one of its occluded forms.



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