Benefits of MARCASITE

Crystal Therapy




Metallic masses or small crystals                  


Easily available    


United States, Mexico, Germany, France               

ATTRIBUTES Providing a psychic shield and grounding you into the everyday world, Marcasite stimulates metaphysical abilities' such as clairvoyance' and spirit-awareness. Spiritually, Marcasite assists and protects those who undertake house clearing' or entity removal' and supports those who seek to incorporate their spirituality into the functional reality of the everyday world.

Psychologically, this stone increases objectivity, encouraging you to take a more detached perspective when seeking insight into yourself or others. It helps in confidently making adjustments necessary for growth and in stepping into your own power without seeking power over others. Th is is the stone to use if you want your light to shine . Increasing willpower, it promotes going boldly where you have not ventured before. Karmically, it assists anyone with a longstanding sense of spiritual lack to find true abundance.

Mentally, Marcasite is useful for scattered or confused thinking or impaired memory as it overcomes mental exhaustion, improves concentration and brings clarity to your mind.

Emotionally, Marcasite dispels hysteria and ingrained patterns of martyrdom or victim mentality, alleviating emotional burn-out and inducing emotional prosperity.

Physically, Marcasite resonates with yang energy. It balances the energies of the physical body leading to optimum well-being and high energy levels.

HEALING Helpful for cleansing blood, and for warts, moles, freckles and the spleen.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Wear to overcome depleted energy.



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