Benefits of MERLINITE

Crystal Therapy




Black and white                   


Tendril-like, two-colour opaque or translucent stone, may have opalescent sheen              


Easily obtained    


New Mexico       

ATIRIBUTES Merlinite brings magic and luck into your life. This dendritic stone holds the wisdom of shamans, alchemists and magician-priests, accessing multi-dimensions, and is a useful companion during between- the-worlds journeying'. Merlinite supports shamanic practices or magical ritual, offering glimpses of the past or future where this is appropriate and bringing about a successful conclusion to spiritual endeavours. A combination of Quartz and Psilomelane, which may be opalized and show flashes of incandescent fire, this stone is attuned to the elements of earth, air, fire and water. It is perfect for the centre of the crystal medicine wheel to symbolize unity of the elements and the worlds.

Spiritually, a stone of equilibrium, Merlinite's dual colouring brings harmony, balancing complementaries such as yin and yang, conscious and unconscious, intellect and intuition, and masculine and feminine energies. It is the perfect stone for bringing together the divine feminine and masculine - goddess and god - blending spiritual and earthly vibrations and grounding' them into the body or environment.

Psychologically a powerful energy cleanser, Merlinite reprogrammes ingrained patterns of behaviour in the mental and emotional etheric blueprints', bringing about profound change. It assists in coming to terms with negative experiences, turning them into positive learning.

Highly effective for karmic' healing, Merlinite reaches into the past to read the Akashic Record and assists in reframing' beliefs and vows that are creating blockages today.

Physically, Merlinite promotes the circulation of energy and oxygen around the body. An energy-saving stone that slows processes down or stimulates as appropriate, its dendritic tendrils resonate with nerve fibres, increasing energy flow along the spine and through the brain, and it can be of assistance in harmonizing the nervous system to an influx of higher vibrations'.

HEALING Supports the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems, intestines and heart.

POSITION Place, grid or wear as appropriate.



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