Crystal Therapy




Metallic, dense crystal, feels greasy to the touch                 




United States, England, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Australia            

ATTRIBUTES Molybdenite is known as the dreamer's stone. If you need an insightful or healing dream, place appropriately programmed Molybdenite under your pillow.

Spiritually, this stone integrates the everyday self with your Higher Self. This powerful stone assists healers in their work. It is said to facilitate intergalactic contact. Psychologically, Molybdenite is a useful tool for meeting your shadow' and accessing the gifts it offers. This stone encourages you to perfect your character without judgement, forgiving your former imperfections.

Operating exceptionally efficiently at a mental level, Molybdenite sharpens the mind. Physically, keeping the stone in your energy field ensures continual recharging and rebalancing as it has a strong electrical charge, repairing and re-energizing the subtle energy bodies'.

Molybdenite can be used to harmonize mercury fillings to a more beneficial vibration and to encourage elimination of mercury toxicity from the body.

HEALING Beneficial for jaw pain, the teeth, circulation, oxygenation and the immune system.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Molybdenite in Quartz brings light into darkness and assists in knowing you are not alone. Tapping into subconscious knowledge, it opens spiritual insight and links to multi- and inter-dimensional space. This protective combination is beneficial for group working and for harmonizing the vibrations and energy bodies of two or more people. Molybdenite in Quartz effectively removes mental blockages, relinquishing outgrown baggage and sealing the biomagnetic sheath' after removal. It is extremely useful for gaining insight from dreams.



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