Crystal Therapy


Black with white encrustations    


Quartz point covered with encrustations                 




Russia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, China, Romania, France, Kazakhstan, Himalayas                

ATTRIBUTES Marion Quartz is a naturally irradiated (but not radioactive) dark Quartz often covered with encrustations of Dolomite, Pyrite or Feldspar with efficient shielding properties, especially when used in travelling or lucid dreaming. Spiritually, by enhancing psychic vision, it reconciles dualities, bringing together yin and yang, masculine and feminine, earth and sky and taking you into a place of non-duality. As a wand, Morion pulls negative and stagnant energy out of the body, the encrustations re-energizing according to their properties: Pyrite creates an energetic shield and the psychological motivation to move forward and Dolomite assures the soul that it is safe in incarnation.

Psychologically, Morion overcomes the effects of stress and helps in exploring your shadow energies' and finding their gift, imparting the courage to overcome obstacles and to find trust once again, and supporting self-esteem and inner confidence. A peaceful and grounding' stone, Marion is a gentle healer for damaged emotions or heartbreak, enfolding you in a feeling of safety and calm that enables walking your path with equanimity. Physically, Marion promotes self- healing and detoxification. Environmentally, this stone is a powerful earth healer with a strong connection to Mother Earth. Morion is an energetic detoxifier for areas of natural radiation or nuclear power stations, spent-fuel dumping grounds, electromagnetic smog' and radon gas. It is helpful where sea or river water has become polluted with radiation and neutralizes sick building syndrome.

HEALING Supports radiation therapy and removes toxicity; beneficial for osteoporosis, broken bones, teeth, back, hip and leg pain, and for circulation, digestion and metabolism.

POSITION Hold or place as appropriate. Place under the pillow for lucid dreams. Grid as appropriate and cleanse regularly.


White Morion is a rare formation of white Quartz covered with Calcite and Pyrite encrustations. This high-vibration' stone brings about spiritual alchemy. It invites the presence of angelic beings and higher helpers into your life, provides profound guidance and clarity, and assists in remembering your soul. A pair of black and white Morions brings about perfect energetic balance and creates an exceedingly high-vibration meditation or healing space.



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