Benefits of NATROLITE

Crystal Therapy


Clear white, grey or pale yellow                   


Long, lightly ribbed crystal or tumbled stone          




United States, Germany, Czech Republic               

ATTRIBUTES Natrolite prepares and fine-tunes the nervous system to an influx of new vibrations, harmonizing it with the light body.

Spiritually, pure white Natrolite can bring about a profound shift and stimulate metaphysical changes to channel high-level energy into the light and physical bodies, enabling living with full multi-dimensional awareness within a protective cloak for the awakened soul.

Mentally this stone assists in seeing the bigger picture and practicing holistic thinking from an illumined mind.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being, but supports the nervous system.


POSITION Hold in the left hand, grid , place over the third eye or soma chakra, or midway between soma and crown chakras. 

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