Benefits of NOVACULITE

Crystal Therapy




Lustrous, translucent to opaque, waxy fine textured stone             


Reasonably easy to obtain              


United States     

ATTRIBUTES With its extremely fine and high energy, Novaculite hones the spirit and psyche. Spiritually, this stone facilitates angelic contact and multi-dimensional journeying'. Opening the crown and higher chakras, it aligns all the chakras to ground spiritual energy into the body. Creating an intense, strongly focused beam of energy, it is the ultimate cord-cutting tool. Novaculite slices through the ties that etherically link people together, taking them out at the root. Used at the chakras, it detaches these cords at exceedingly subtle levels and heals the site. At any level, it cuts through blockages and problems. It is extremely efficient used with Nuummite to clear ancient sorcery and spells. Follow it up with Tugtupite to bring unconditional love and forgiveness to heal the past.

Psychologically, Novaculite is helpful for obtaining a new perspective, especially on obsessive disorders as it pinpoints the underlying cause. It facilitates finding the gift in any situation no matter how traumatic. A placid and calming stone, Novaculite is beneficial for those who are in the depths of despair or the grip of mania.

Physically, due to its fine texture, Novaculite supports structure and elasticity in the body, particularly the skin, or in the environment.

A useful conductor of electromagnetic energy, Novaculite is beneficial for the etheric body' and for clearing dis-ease' out of the etheric blueprint'. Novaculite performs etheric surgery on the subtle bodies the operation should be carried out by a qualified healer as the stone has a razor-sharp edge.

Environmentally, Novaculite can clear blockages in the earth's meridians' and repair the electromagnetic flow.

Reportedly boosting interstellar contact, this stone is said to assist in deciphering ancient languages. Enhancing personal magnetism, it is helpful to anyone who sells services to others, bringing buyer and seller together in harmony.

HEALING Helpful for cellular memory', depression, obsessive disorders, warts, moles, chills, cellular structure and healthy skin.


POSITION Hold, grid or place with care as the shards are sharp. 

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