Benefits of NUUMMITE

Crystal Therapy




Opaque with scintillating flashes                  


Becoming increasingly available                    


Greenland, Canada          

ATTRIBUTES Nuummite is the sorcerer's stone and is powerfully protective against ill-wishing' and psychic manipulation. One of the oldest minerals on earth, it is an exceptional energy tool for those whose energies have evolved sufficiently to work with its intensity; it is particularly effective when shaped into a wand to pullout negative energy, imprints and implants'. Set Nuummite in silver and combine with Tugtupite especially for ritual working.

Spiritually, Nuummite assists in seeing beyond the outer facade, creating an inner landscape to be traversed. A protective stone, strengthening the auric shield and effective against negative energies and sorcery, Nuummite helps travelling with stealth and sureness and is the perfect stone for lower-world' journeys' to retrieve a lost soul or child part. It shields from sight - and safeguards your car. This intense stone has an element of magic that must be used respectfully, with right intention, or else it rebounds. Activating the past-life and soma chakras, it opens and integrates all the subtle chakras, bringing about a profound shift in consciousness.

Karmically', Nuummite assists in recognizing past-life contacts and highlights debts stemming from misuse of power, reminding you not to repeat patterns. Placed on the soma chakra, it draws karmic debris out of the physical and emotional bodies. With its strong electro-magnetic field and ability to reprogramme cellular memory', Nuummite quickly restores energy or power depleted by karmic debts and other causes, and clears blockages including those that are self-imposed.

Psychologically, by severing present-life embroilments that stem from past manipulation or incantations, Nuummite removes difficulties arising from another person's inappropriate protection or attempted guidance and dissolves defensive behaviour patterns built against that manipulation. Having cleansed those experiences, Nuummite connects to your true self. Cutting through to your core, it reprogrammes your thoughts and insists that you be responsible for your own protection. Nuummite teaches respect and honour, demanding the fulfillment of obligations and promises that are relevant to life today and letting go those that are not.

Physically, this stone aligns the biomagnetic sheath with the physical body, and removes any mental implants from extraterrestrial or magical sources in the present or any other life. Nuummite combines well with Novaculite to release curses, past-life imperatives and the effects of sorcery and ill-wishing in any life. Novaculite provides spiritual guidance, cutting through ancient cords to outgrown mentors and the like. The combination is useful for psychic surgery on the etheric blueprint', cutting away all that is diseased due to past injury, trauma and actions. Use Nuummite for cutting and Novaculite to draw in purifying and revitalizing energy, healing and sealing where the dis-ease' was formerly sited. Adding Tugtupite brings in unconditional love and forgiveness. Set Nuummite in silver and combine with Tugtupite for ritual working.

HEALING Beneficial for insomnia, stress, degenerative disease, tissue regeneration, Parkinson's disease, headache, insulin regulation, the eyes, brain, kidneys and nerves. It strengthens the triple-burner meridian'.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Wear constantly for protection against ill-wishing or psychic manipulation. It is particularly effective wrapped in silver.



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