Crystal Therapy


Orange, red and brown                    


Coloured inclusions or patches in or on Quartz      


Rare, one site only             


South Africa        

ATTRIBUTES Laid down in clearly defined layers incorporating Hematite, this highly energetic stone revitalizes all levels of being and is attuned to the vermilion flame' of the spiritual will. Adding zest to life at every level, Orange River Quartz draws the creative life force from the earth up into the earth chakra and takes it up the chakra line, activating the creativity of the base and sacral, to the crown and soul star. It is excellent for recharging the base and sacral chakras.

Spiritually, if you have lost your soul purpose or motivation, this stone realigns with your Higher Self and helps in accepting the life path you have laid down for yourself.

Psychologically, if you have lost your capacity for enjoyment, Orange River Quartz restores it to the full, opening you both to give and receive pure pleasure.

One formation shown opposite is a sceptre, a tool for multi- dimensional healing, conferring power and spiritual authority. It aids regaining and owning spiritual power, but any Orange River Quartz assists in overcoming karmic' misuse or abuse of power, experienced as perpetrator or victim. Helping in reconnecting to your personal will and aligning that to the guiding will of the Higher Self, if you gave away your power in the present or any other life, this stone assists in reclaiming it and using it wisely and well in the service of your soul.

The other formation is a tantric twin' which, if you are emotionally prepared, calls in your twin flame, creating a mutually supportive, unconditionally loving relationship and allows the memory of painful past relationships to fall away, re-energizing your emotional life. It may also call a soulmate to continue lessons or unfinished business.

Physically, this stone is an efficient healer, realigning the meridians' of the body and encouraging energy flow in the organs via purified and re-energized blood.

HEALING Supports the blood, liver and spleen, regulates blood flow, increases the strength of red corpuscles and stimulates the immune system and reproductive organs.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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