Crystal Therapy


Turquoise-blue, also pink or golden            


Long-bladed transparent or opaque stone or faceted gem              


Rare and expensive (may be heat-treated)            


Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique        

ATTRIBUTES Connecting to angels of truth and wisdom, Paraiba Tourmaline has a radiant heart energy that assists in stepping into infinite compassion for yourself and the planet. Linking to the turquoise flame' of pure, compassionate being, this stone invokes elevated states of consciousness and encourages service to humanity. This high-vibration' stone brings harmony and light into the darkest situations, helping in finding the gift of spiritual evolution at its heart. It encourages forgiveness at multi- and inner-dimensional' levels, setting you free from your karmic' past. Coloured by copper, Paraiba protects against pollutants - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or environmental- and is a powerful energy conduit.

Spiritually perfect for meditation and attuning to the Higher Self, shielding the biomagnetic sheath, aligning chakras and integrating the physical and light bodies, Paraiba sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance'. Psychologically, it breaks old, self-defeating programmes, replacing them with your present soul plan'. Assisting in living according to your aspirations, this stone identifies where you have strayed from your truth. Paraiba facilitates forgiving yourself and others and letting go. Bringing unfinished business to a conclusion, it provides closure on all levels. Having an affinity with sensitive people, Paraiba invokes tolerance of others, overcoming judgementalism and fanaticism. It offers support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages personal accountability.

Mentally, it assists the verbalization of thoughts and feelings. It calms the mind, removing extraneous thoughts. Clearing the throat chakra and facilitating communication from a higher plane, it filters information reaching the brain and clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and clears confusion.

Emotionally, this stone soothes fear, calms in stressful situations and assists in understanding underlying emotional states and interpreting exactly how you feel. Physically, it has a general tonic effect and is particularly beneficial for the eyes. It calms over-reactions of the immune system and auto-immune diseases.

HEALING Beneficial for sore throat, hay fever, eyes, jaw and teeth, stomach, arthritis, swollen glands and thyroid problems, cleansing organs, metabolism and hormone production.

POSITION Hold , grid , place as appropriate or on eyes.

NOTE Heat-amended Apatite or Fluorite is sold as Paraiba. Paraiba Fluorite is a powerful stone similar to Mystic Topaz.



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