Crystal Therapy




Finely ribbed opaque stone           


Easily obtained    


England, United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France           


ATTRIBUTES Selenite is crystallized divine light, continuously radiating that light into your life to transmute your environment into sacred space. Symbolizing the transforming fires of the planet Pluto and the earthy wisdom of his wife Persephone, Peach Selenite is a regenerative stone that emits the dark light of the underworld rather than white light. It throws insight into your inner processes and enables accepting your shadow' and hidden self. It makes the perfect accompaniment for an evolutionary jump into expanded self-awareness and new life.

Spiritually, by affording deep insight into the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, this stone opens the priestess in every woman and is ideal for thanksgiving moon rituals at puberty or childbirth. A stone of emotional transformation, Peach Selenite is a powerful karmic' cleanser and healer, assisting in a life review to release ancient trauma.

Drawing out issues of abandonment, rejection, alienation and betrayal, no matter in what timeframe those occurred, Peach Selenite offers healing, forgiveness and acceptance.

HEALING Beneficial for puberty, menopause and any transition.


POSITION Hold or place as appropriate. 


Selenite Phantom dissolves whatever has been overlaid on the soul core and connects to the true spiritual self and its overall evolutionary purpose. This stone clears mental and spiritual confusion and removes karmic entanglements - insights gained can be earthed into the physical body with the wider end of the Phantom. The point cuts through karmic debris, drawing it from the etheric body' and reprogramming cellular memory'. Useful for detaching entities' from the biomagnetic sheath' or for preventing external thoughts influencing the mind, this phantom dissolves emotional disease' that has a karmic cause, acting as a symbol of rebirth and new life. Physically this stone is useful for cellular memory, spinal-column alignment and joint flexibility.

Desert Rose dims your light while travelling and facilitates clandestine meetings. Psychologically, if you are caught in a self-imposed negative programme or belief system, Desert Rose releases it. Meditating with this stone transmutes ancient conflict into love. Teaching the art of receiving as well as giving love, Desert Rose controls emotional outbursts. An effective healer for the earth and disturbed earth-energy locations, Desert Rose connects to the protection of Mother Earth. Physically it helps the connective tissue and bones.



Laying a Selenite wand as a base, with an X-shaped cross over it of a long Chlorite Quartz point (such as Shaman Quartz or Green Phantom) and a Stibnite wand on top, creates a one-way portal that facilitates lost souls and entities" leaving the earth plane and prevents their return or reattachment. The Selenite creates a beacon of light, the Chlorite cleanses the energy and the Stibnite closes and guards the portal. It is very effective held over the higher crown chakras. Cleanse crystals afterwards with a specialist etheric-Ievel cleanser and wash your hands thoroughly after handling Stibnite as it is toxic. 

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