Crystal Therapy


Pale pink                 


Blades on a matrix              


Easily obtained    


Spain, India, Italy, Britain, Switzerland, Namibia                  

ATTRIBUTES A stone of atonement, Pearl Spa Dolomite teaches that spirituality is a matter of inner balance, pragmatism and expression in the functional reality of the everyday world rather than something experienced 'out there' in another dimension. It assists in grounding" the awareness that you are a spiritual being who is currently on a human journey and assists in being more comfortable in incarnation, loving your physical body

Psychologically, this serene stone overcomes feelings of loneliness, teaching the value in solitary contemplation and atonement. It guards against nightmares, especially in children. Dissolving old patterns and negative behaviours, it encourages a spontaneous response to life rather than reacting as you have been taught you ought to do.

Mentally, by encouraging clarity and structured thought, Pearl Spa Dolomite slows a racing mind.

Emotionally, this stone ameliorates sorrow and negative emotions such as anger or resentment, creating a calm centre. It ameliorates temper tantrums in children - or adults.

Physically, this stone is a useful detoxifier that stabilizes hyperactivity. Environmentally, Pearl Spa Dolomite enhances and harmonizes the effect of crystal combinations and grids'.

HEALING Supports the muscular, skeletal and reproductive systems, nails and skin, metabolism; helps weight loss and regulates appetite.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.



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