Crystal Therapy


Pink-colour infused  


Clear Quartz crystal crackled and crazed inside      


Easily obtained    


Artificially a mended Quartz         

ATTRIBUTES Although Crackle Quartz has been superheated and colour infused, it carries life-enhancing and energy-expanding qualities. Promoting fun and joy in life, it appeals particularly to children or to the inner child' in everyone, and the full colour range creates a useful chakra set for children.

Psychologically, this stone insists that you be responsible for your feelings, recognizing that they arise inside yourself and that only you can opt for inner joy and happiness rather than relying on other people to provide this. Emotionally, Pink Crackle Quartz is particularly helpful for healing an abused or emotionally damaged child, gently drawing out the pain and replacing it with love. It links the solar plexus chakra with the heart, bringing unconditional love into the emotional centre. Healing a broken or damaged heart centre, this stone teaches the emotional independence that arises when you no longer worry about what others may think and cease to follow external instructions as to how you should feel, relying instead upon how you are internally. Physically, this stone helps to recharge; it is a useful adjunct to Reiki' healing, facilitating contact with your Higher Self'.

HEALING Supports cellular memory', brittle bones, compound fractures and anxiety; helpful for pain experienced during flying.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


lilac Crackle Quartz assists spiritual development. It gently breaks open crystallized beliefs, promoting a change of attitude and new perceptions on the spiritual pathway.

Blue Crackle Quartz assists in making yourself heard and facilitates communication, overcoming speech and hearing problems, and ameliorates breathing difficulties.

Green Crackle Quartz helps to earth and comfort an ungrounded person or someone who feels uncomfortable in their body due to physical abuse or dislike of physical incarnation.

Yellow Crackle Quartz assists with healing mental abuse and authoritarianism, assuring the child within that it is OK to believe in yourself and your perceptions. It heals a broken mind or cracks open a closed one to encompass new possibilities.


Orange or Red Crackle Quartz is useful for stimulating creativity and the playful child within. 

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