Crystal Therapy


Blue-grey, blue-green      


Mottled and flecked, granite-like; lustrous when polished               


Found at only one site      


Preseli Mountains (Wales)            

ATTRIBUTES Preseli Bluestone is an ancient stone of dreaming and far memory that forms the inner ring at Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire and which moves out of space and time to access multi- dimensions. With its powerful telluric electromagnetic charge, Preseli Bluestone opens a cosmic anchor' and attaches to the core of the earth, creating unshakeable inner-core energetic solidity to stabilize you through earth changes. It then aligns your energy to the galactic centre' so that you are held suspended between the earth and the galaxy and can allow waves of energy to pass through your body to earth themselves in the planetary centre. It also works as a shamanic anchor' for both lower- and upper-world' journeys'.

A unique British stone, spiritually Bluestone links to Merlin energy and the shaman in everyone. With a powerful connection with Mother Earth, it warns that whoever violates the earth violates themselves. Combined with chalk or Flint, Bluestone acts as a battery - generating, earthing and grounding spiritual energy and power, and enhancing psychic ability and metaphysical gifts'. A visionary stone for all past-life exploration, this stone specifically assists in tracking your Celtic heritage and links to Egyptian knowledge held deep within the stone. On the soma or past-life chakras, it is particularly useful for soul retrieval' and power retrieval, effortlessly reaching way back into the past. The perfect dreaming stone, it brings answers quickly and assists in accessing and integrating spiritual information.

Size matters with Bluestone - a small piece is exceedingly intense and larger pieces may need moving out of a bedroom at night to avoid over-stimulation. This stone is specifically directional- if you feel pressure or a headache develops, turn and face another direction when working with the stone or turn the stone. It can reset your internal or spiritual compass. This directional quality means that it channels the earth's electromagnetic forces and facilitates travel along telluric currents' or healing of the earth's grid. The stone links all the stone circles in the British Isles in an enormous energy spiral and then connects to other power centres around the planet. It shows the energetic geometric patterns encoded within circles and other sacred sites and facilitates reconnecting these where the energies have been violated or broken, whether deliberately or accidently. If power is being drawn from a sacred site for inappropriate purposes, Bluestone breaks the connection and protects the energy of the site.

Psychologically, Bluestone enhances willpower and courage, and gives enormous strength, enabling bearing hard knocks with equanimity- and understanding the lessons and gifts therein. It is an energy enhancer that also provides protection on all levels. This stone links the heart, thymus and throat chakras, enabling speaking your truth. Mentally, Bluestone focuses one-pointedly, clearing the mind of all trivia and creating a space into which knowledge arises intuitively. Emotionally, Bluestone is a stabilizer, helping in leaving old attachments and feelings behind so that you can live calmly in the present moment.

Bluestone is an immensely physical stone, involving all the senses and balancing energy and, not surprisingly, it supports kinesiology and pyschometry. It has a strong connection with herbs and herbalism, especially plants grown on mountains. This stone can have opposite effects: sedating excess and revitalizing depletion. Bluestone enhances the ability to physically sense energy lines or the vibrations of crystals, or to attune to the subtle energies of the human body, such as acupuncture points. When walking the landscape carrying Bluestone, you are 'plugged in' to all that has happened there, but without attachment. This powerful stone assists in 'being in the moment'.

HEALING Has a benign effect on the throat and immune system, bringing the body's energies into balance.

POSITION Place on the soma or past-life (alta-major) chakras for dreaming and far memory, as appropriate for healing. Place under your pillow for dreaming. Remove or turn direction if a headache develops.


NOTE Bluestone is best purchased from suppliers who use natural shards of raw material. Some stones are more strongly directional than others. 

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