Benefits of PUMICE

Crystal Therapy


light grey or beige               


light, holey as though bubbles have burst                


Easily obtained    




ATTRIBUTES Not generally regarded as a crystal, Pumice is a powerful healer and absorber of negative energy. Placed over the thymus, it releases ancient pain held in the heart or gut, and heals ingrained emotional wounds, reprogramming emotional cellular memory'. Psychologically, this stone scrubs off a suffocating coating of guilt, resentment or other negative energy that has travelled from the karmic' past or been imposed upon you in the present life, especially from childhood. It is also helpful when you suffer from a crippling sense of inadequacy, no matter how much you may have hidden this from yourself, like a serpent shedding its skin, peel away this coating by working all over the biomagnetic sheath' with the stone and then seal your biomagnetic sheath with Selenite or Quartz.

Psychologically, Pumice is particularly useful for abrasive people who have created a defence against the pain they carry, but who feel extremely vulnerable underneath a hard shell. This stone gently assists in letting go of protective barriers and accepting one's vulnerability, assisting trust and acceptance. It opens the ability to let other people in, encouraging intimacy of all kinds.

Physically, this stone assists toxin release especially during colonic hydrotherapy; after the treatment, holding Pumice cleanses negative energy from the therapist.

HEALING Assists the action of colonic hydrotherapy, detoxification, cellular memory and soothes irritable bowel syndrome (185).

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Leave in a healing or therapy room and cleanse frequently with salt water.



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