Benefits of PURPURITE

Crystal Therapy




Vivid banded and veined metallic opaque stone                   


Easily obtained    


Namibia, Western Australia, United States, France            

ATTRIBUTES An extremely effective stone for psychic protection, Purpurite stimulates enlightenment. Spiritually, by opening the higher crown chakras and linking them to the base, it stimulates unimpeded evolution, grounding' the resultant energy shift into functional reality.


Excellent for public speaking, Purpurite imparts clarity, focus and confidence to your thoughts and communication. It prevents interference with the transmission of you r views.

Psychologically, Purpurite breaks old habits or attitudes that keep you caught in the past and lifts despair. Mentally, this stone increases alertness and receptivity to guidance and new ideas.

Physically a rejuvenating stone, Purpurite energizes the physical and mental bodies, overcoming tiredness and despondency at any level.

Environmentally, this stone facilitates house sales where adverse environmental or community interference is blocking a sale, particularly where past-life conflict has been recreated. Cutting the links between the group, it facilitates forward movement. It disperses negative energy from the environs, lifting curses or ill-wishing' and psychic interference, and imprinting positive energy. Equally helpful in any sale situation, programme it to find a buyer quickly.

HEALING Useful for overcoming exhaustion, increasing stamina and rejuvenating; helps cellular memory', bruises, bleeding, pustules, the cardia-thoracic system, blood flow and blood purification; stabilizes the pulse.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Position between you and the source of psychic attack or undue influence. 

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