Crystal Therapy




Translucent phantom or coloured patch


Extremely rare


South Africa, United States

ATTRIBUTES A rare, exceedingly high-vibration' crystal attuned to the turquoise flame" of pure compassionate being, Ajoite wraps the soul in universal love. It takes you to the angelic realms whilst retaining contact with Mother Earth.

Spiritually, if your vibrations are in harmony with this stone, it brings about a profound shift, helping recognition of the multi-dimensional reality of your being. Drawing karmic' wounds or implants' out of the body, no matter at what level or from which timeframe they originate, this stone gently heals the resulting space with unconditional love, reframing' cellular memory.

Psychologically, Ajoite resolves conflict through forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. If you carry burdens inappropriately for others or consistently devalue yourself, Ajoite clears that pattern.

Purifying the emotional body, instilling infinite peace and creating environmental calm, this stone gently transmutes toxic emotions and old grief, replacing them with forgiveness and compassion. On the thymus, Ajoite dissipates stress, harmonizing the etheric blueprint' with the physical body, and attunes the body to perfect health.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory and cellular structures.

POSITION Hold or position as appropriate.


Ajoite with Papagoite effortlessly reaches interstellar dimensions and the enormity of your divine being. The rarest of minerals, Papagoite proffers infinite compassion and facilitates a return to original soul unity and grace. Transmuting sorrow and teaching that 'sin' is only separation from the divine, Ajoite with Papagoite instils deep serenity.

Ajoite with Shattuckite protects against electromagnetic smog' and psychic attack'. It enables remaining open spiritually, no matter how negative the environment or thoughts that surround you. Wearing this stone brings profound peace, centring you in your Self. In karmic healing, it releases need for reparation and frees the soul. Teaching the difference between atonement and atonement, it offers total forgiveness and opens the karma of grace. An excellent energy conduit, Ajoite with Shattuckite helps bowel blockage and constipation, assist cellular memory and overcomes stress-related illness.



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