Benefits of RUTILE

Crystal Therapy




Reddish orange-brown


Metallic crystalline, often fine included needles


Easily obtained


Africa, Australia

ATTRIBUTES Rutile imparts an ethereal vibration to any crystal in which it is included', enhancing out-of-body Journeying' and angelic contact through its attunement to the divine. Nevertheless, it is not an airy-fairy crystal when accelerating spiritual growth; it goes immediately to the heart of a matter and insists you deal with it.

Spiritually, Rutile fine-tunes intuition, pinpointing possible pitfalls in your path before you find them and highlighting the most productive choices to make. Often found included within Quartz (Angel's Hair), it integrates higher vibrations' into the light body.

Psychologically, Rutile heals psychosomatic dis-ease', going directly to the root of a problem. It pinpoints karmic' causes of chronic illness and reprogrammes cellular memory'. Placed on the sacral chakra or dantien, Rutile counteracts sexual problems that have a past-life cause, bringing the reasons for those conditions into conscious awareness for reframing' and release. (Guidance from a qualified therapist assists the process.)

Emotionally, Rutile stabilizes relationships of all kinds by creating emotional fidelity and grounding' higher chakra connections.

Environmentally, Rutile holds the earth's grid stable, restoring its cellular memory, and is extremely useful in healing grids'. It radiates power down the song-lines of the earth. This stone strongly activates the earth section of a cosmic anchor', holding you aligned between the earth's core and the galactic centre' and enabling you to ground high-vibrational energy downloads' and pass them on to the earth. If included in Quartz, this stone also opens the galactic portion of the cosmic anchor.

A powerful cleansing crystal, Rutile protects and purifies the biomagnetic sheath', bringing it into balance with the physical body.

HEALING Beneficial for lactation, cellular memory, elasticity of blood vessels, cell regeneration, bronchitis, premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity and inorgasmia.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Place a hand's breadth beneath the navel for sexual healing and on the earth chakra to activate a cosmic anchor. 

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