Crystal Therapy


Clear, white or yellowish-white                    


Translucent or opaque crystal with inclusions         


Easily obtained but increasingly expensive              


Southern India  

ATTRIBUTES Attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, this exceedingly high-vibration" stone is spiritually enhanced by monks from Satyaloka, South India, who infuse the stone, already containing energy from a sacred mountain, with spiritual light before sending it into the world. Their intention is that this truly holy stone will bring about a shift into planetary consciousness, opening the way for higher consciousness to manifest on the earth and enlightenment for all. Opening the illumined mind, this stone is an excellent tool for facilitating a vibrational shift, whether at a personal or planetary level, and for bringing about profound, holistic spiritual healing. The stone resonates with the crown chakra of the earth, opening and aligning the crown and higher crown chakras of the physical and subtle bodies",

Facilitating an instantaneous download of spiritual insight as to what is required to move spiritual evolution forward, this stone may take time to process. Placed on the crown chakra, it facilitates spiritual awakening or a shift into immediate enlightenment that is lived out on the earth. Placed on the soma chakra, it activates the light body": placed on the third eye, it induces spiritual visions and connects to guidance from an immensely high vibration. Satyaloka Quartz sets up a powerful resonance in your inner being that activates the intelligent interface between the soul and the physical being, allowing this to direct your way forward. Each stone assists in the way that is right for its user. It may adjust or amplify energies, open channels and pathways at a soul, multi- or inter-dimensional level or bring about a profound shift of attitude. Satyaloka Quartz is a supportive companion for those who experience the loneliness of the spiritual path, reconnecting with the divine within everything and especially yourself.

HEALING Amplifies the energy of other healing stones and infuses the physical and subtle bodies with transformational energy rather than working directly on the physical level of being, effecting multi- dimensional vibrational healing.

POSITION Meditate with the stone on the crown chakra or place as appropriate.


Satyamani Quartz complements Satyaloka Quartz, uniting the divine masculine and feminine energies and further facilitating enlightenment, and it is attuned to the golden flame of the illumined mind. Satyamani and Satyaloka work in harmony with Nirvana Quartz and are particularly effective triangulated around the subtle bodies with Nirvana Quartz at the higher crown chakras (especially the soul star chakra).



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