Benefits of SEAPOLITE

Crystal Therapy


Blue, grey, yellow, purple, violet                  


Shiny, striated opaque or translucent crystal          


Certain colours are rare                    


Madagascar, United States, Norway, Italy, Mexico            

ATTRIBUTES A stone of self-discipline stimulating independence and achievable goals based on objective mental planning rather than wish- fulfillment, Scapolite overcomes inertia and self-sabotage, induces transformation and provides the clarity to see what is needed.

Psychologically, this stone clears scapegoating, no matter how subtle, blocking any outside influence that is sabotaging your life. It enables speaking to an inner saboteur or scapegoat, ascertaining what role that figure believes it has in your life - usually something you have outgrown that is no longer appropriate - and aligning the figure to assist your current life plan. Scapolite then propels you out of spiritual inertia and into dynamic action.

Mentally, Scapolite is useful for effecting conscious change. It frees up the left side of the brain, increasing analytic ability. This is the perfect stone to carry if you have dyslexia. Emotionally, Scapolite removes self-blame. It rejigs the emotional blueprint", clearing the effects of old emotional trauma.

Physically an effective unblocker, Scapolite facilitates the release of 'stuck' energy from the body, especially in the legs and veins.

HEALING Assists post-operative recovery and stimulates cellular memory and calcium assimilation. It is said to unblock varicose veins, cataracts and glaucoma, assist with bone disorders and the shoulders, calm restless eyes and overcome incontinence.

POSITION Hold or position as appropriate.


Blue Seapolite is extremely calming, cutting through confusion and assisting in going deep within the Self to find the source of problems from this or another life.

Purple Seapolite is an extremely high-vibration' stone that takes you back to a state of oneness that wipes out soul memory of being alienated, scapegoated or sabotaged, clearing past life patterns and inner voices that may be sabotaging your life now. This powerful stone lifts your awareness out of the mire and assists evolution.

Yellow Seapolite clears mental sabotage, manipulation and thoughts such as 'I'm not good enough' that hold you back from achieving your full potential, enabling taking decisions from an objective perspective. Physically, it calms hyperactivity.



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