Crystal Therapy


White with green and/or orange-brown inclusions              


Clear crystal with internal layers, phantoms and canyons                  


Fairly easily obtained         



ATTRIBUTES Shaman Quartz is a powerful journeying' crystal that induces trance, visionary experience and soul healings. Traversing its inner landscape allows you to bridge the worlds and journey through multi-dimensions and timeframes. Shaman Quartz contains different minerals that assist communication with the spirit realm: Chlorite Shaman Quartz has strong associations with Mother Earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature; Chlorite assists with self- realization, provides support and cleanses the past; visionary Fluorite provides protection and discernment; protective Rutile enhances out- of-body journeying and pinpoints the karmic' cause of a disease; Hematite dissolves negativity, and grounds and harmonizes body, mind and spirit; while Mica heightens the connection to your spiritual self, sharpens intuitive perception and gets to the bottom of things.

Shaman Quartz high in Chlorite works well in the north-west of the medicine wheel, the place of habits, patterns and routines. Clearing cellular memory' and healing the present-life ancestral line', it opens the way for changes in your life and the family. Showing how innate patterns were formed and passed down the family, and how you have carried the ancestral pattern through your life, it teaches how to have compassion for yourself and the family, find the gifts and break away to set future generations free.


Mentally, Shaman Quartz with Rutile is helpful for problem-solving or obtaining answers. Set out your problem in your mind, gaze into the stone and ask to journey to see the solution. Be aware that you may hear rather than see the response and that it could be presented as a later, external signal.

Environmentally, by absorbing negativity and environmental pollutants, Shaman Quartz clears a build-up of stagnant energy anywhere in the subtle bodies' or environment. This stone removes energy implants', accessing their source in any lifetime.

HEALING Works best on the subtle levels of being rather than the physical, but is a useful anti-viral held over the thymus at the first sign of cold or flu.


POSITION Hold or place as appropriate. 

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