Crystal Therapy


White or colourless            


Multi-faceted, bladed and indented with inner spaces      


Rare and may be confused with Nirvana Quartz                    


Russia, Pakistan, Brazil      

ATTRIBUTES Shift Crystal literally shifts you into a new space and accelerates spiritual growth, although other stones may be needed to assimilate the changes. Spiritually, this stone takes you to a place of wild abandon, leaving behind everything that fetters or restricts you, opening to a peak experience of bliss and ultimate creativity. The perfect stone for meditation, manifestation and dreaming-up, you need to be ready to accept whatever it offers, as there is no going back and the effects can be dramatic, traumatic and overwhelming - it frequently, virtually instantaneously, shifts you on to your soul path', opens healing potential and clears the evolutionary way forward. Whatever is outworn, outgrown or no longer serves in your life, at any level, falls away under the influence of this catalytic stone.

When you are ready for such a profound change, meditate with the crystal for 20 minutes, asking to be shown the way forward. Sleep with the stone under your pillow and place it under your chair or wear it during the day. Be receptive to signals from the universe and make the choice to respond appropriately.

Psychologically, one of the most profound lessons that a Shift Crystal teaches is that of emotional independence and personal autonomy. It brings about the realization that you alone are responsible for creating your well-being and happiness. Such a sense is an inner state that is not dependent on any external source, including a partner or loved one. Only you can maintain it.

Physically, Shift Crystal greatly amplifies Reiki" healing, strengthening healer and patient, and carries the symbols during and after a session or reprogrammes cellular memory'.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to bring about soul evolution and multi-dimensional cellular healing.

POSITION Hold or use over the heart, higher heart, third eye, crown and higher crown chakras.


NOTE Shift Crystals' from Brazil have energy similar to Nirvana Quartz. 

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