Benefits of SHIVA LINGAM

Crystal Therapy


Red and beige or grey       


Smooth, opaque phallic shape      


Natural ones are rare        


India; may be artificially shaped and polished       

ATTRIBUTES Symbolizing the Hindu god Shiva's union with his consort Kali and activating the base and sacral chakras, a Shiva Lingam raises and controls kundalini energy. It is perfect for facilitating spiritual evolution through tantra or sexual magick. A symbol of sexuality and potent male energy, this stone has been sacred for thousands of years. It facilitates the union of opposites, such as masculine and feminine or body and soul, and is excellent for sexual healing.

Imparting psychological insight, Shiva Lingam facilitates looking within to release all that you have outgrown. This stone is particularly useful for emotional pain that arises from early childhood, especially from sexual abuse, as it reinstates trust in male energy and in your own male qualities and can draw a sexual-healing partner to you.

Suitably programmed , a Shiva Lingam severs subtle etheric sexual connection after a relationship has ceased and removes hooks from the vagina or uterus, re-energizing the base chakras and opening the way for a new relationship. It is the perfect stone for creating a self-loving ritual to reclaim femininity and female power.

HEALING Beneficial for overcoming sexual mortification or abuse, infertility, impotence, inorgasmia and menstrual cramps. It stimulates the electrical flow in systems of the body and subtle meridians.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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