Crystal Therapy


Blue, green, purple, gold                 


Bright, clear Quartz            


Easily obtained    


Artificially created Quartz              

ATTRIBUTES Regrown in Russia from natural Quartz combined with chemicals to produce the vivid colours, Siberian Quartz has a powerful vibration but differs in its effect according to the colour and the chakra with which it resonates.

HEALING See individual colours, below.

POSITION Wear, hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Purple Siberian Quartz resonates with the crown and higher crown chakras. A powerful stimulant for the third eye and higher crown chakras, it brings about mystical states of consciousness. Working beyond the physical, this is a stone for the spiritual magician, assisting in co-creating or dreaming up your reality, and in keeping centred and grounded during ritual or spiritual working.

Blue Siberian Quartz is a mystical stone that unites the throat, third eye and crown chakras to bring about intense visionary experiences, uplifting the spirit and instilling deep peace. It opens the subtle and physical bodies to receive an influx of cosmic consciousness". On the third eye, the crystal stimulates psychic vision and telepathy and enhances communication. It assists in speaking your truth and facilitates being heard. Psychologically, the vibrant colour lifts stress and depression. Physically, it is beneficial for throat infections, stomach ulcers, inflammation, sunburn and a stiff neck or muscles.

Green Siberian Quartz resonates with the heart and higher heart chakras and carries a strong love vibration to heal the heart and emotions. Creating prosperity and abundance, it is a beneficial stone in matters of health, love and money. Psychologically, this stone harmonizes disputes or meetings between people who have opposing points of view. Physically, it is beneficial for the heart, lung conditions and altitude sickness.

Gold Siberian Quartz stimulates the solar plexus, releasing emotional blockages and increasing will power and the ability to bring creative vision into positive manifestation. It connects the mind with the emotions, throwing light on psychosomatic health conditions and offering healing possibilities.



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