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Clear Quartz, may have black spot inclusions, often double terminated    


Easily obtained    


China, Himalayas               

ATTRIBUTES Energetically combining Herkimer and Tibetan Quartz, and carrying an extremely high vibration" that integrates spirit and matter, Sichuan Quartz connects the third eye and crown chakras and rapidly opens psychic and inner vision to bring about an illumined mind.

Spiritually attuned to the white flame" of pure consciousness, this stone enhances telepathy and soul communication and clears chakra blockages. Karmically beneficial and insightful if held by a healer or past-life therapist while working with a client, Sichuan Quartz accesses the Akashic Record·, putting you in touch with ancient Chinese or Buddhist wisdom. In karmic healing, it highlights the past-life reasons for disease or karmic lessons in the present life, illuminating the gifts within the experience and breaking outgrown connections.

Emotionally, Sichuan Quartz is particularly helpful for breaking the patterns that lie behind dependent or co-dependent relationships and it pinpoints the causes of psychosomatic disease. Helpful in ascertaining the psychological patterns that underlie eating disorders, it brings about deep healing of the biomagnetic sheath' and the etheric blueprint' from which the present physical body devolved. It instigates profound physical healing, but may need support from other stones.

Sichuan Quartz is usually a double-terminated stone that radiates or absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously. These crystals are useful in healing as they absorb negativity and break ingrained habits, which assists in overcoming addictions. Sichuans integrate previously blocked parts of the self During healing, Sichuan Quartz harmonizes the subtle bodies' with the physical and bridges energy gaps along the chakra line, assisting in centring within your Self This rarified and yet earthed Quartz has a strongly grounded' energy that passes into the body and the personal self, restructuring cells and boundaries.

HEALING Realigns energy meridians' and stimulates cellular memory', bringing about multi-dimensional healing.

POSITION Position or hold this stone as appropriate, especially along the chakra line.

NOTE Black Phantom or Spot Quartz from Virginia and Arkansas carry similar energy to Sichuan Quartz.



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