Crystal Therapy


Pink and grey-brown         


Opaque or clear pink Quartz with Smoky points                 or inclusions          




South Africa, South America        

ATTRIBUTES Useful for cleansing the heart and higher heart chakras and aligning to the Earth Mother, this gentle stone keeps your environment pure. The Smoky portion pulls negative energy out of the environment or the body and transmutes it. It creates a protective shield, and the Rose Quartz portion then fills the inner space with pure unconditional love. This is the perfect stone to place on an altar or in the centre of the medicine wheel. Activating a cosmic anchor', the Smoky portion of the stone anchors your energy in the earth's core and the Rose portion aligns it to the galactic centre', creating an inner-core energy solidity that enables riding out earth- energy changes and perturbations.

A useful journeying' stone that takes you into the heart of divine love, Smoky Rose Quartz is the perfect companion for anyone who suffers from fear of death or dying, for which it should be placed by the bed or under the pillow.

Psychologically, Smoky Rose Quartz dissolves resentment and draws out the effects of abuse, filling the heart with unconditional love and providing a protective shield to allow healing to continue.

Emotionally, Smoky Rose Quartz cleanses negative emotions and heals heartbreak from any lifetime, replacing it with unconditional love for yourself and others. It opens you to intimacy and creates a space in which a soul mate or twin flame manifests.

Physically, Smoky Rose Quartz is one of the finest stones for cleansing and healing the heart, removing blockages, stabilizing blood pressure and improving the flow of blood and lymph to all the organs, which it purifies and re-energizes.

HEALING Supports the heart and the cleansing organs of the body.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.

NOTE If the combined stone is not available, use individual Rose and Smoky Quartz.



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