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Deeply etched on alternate faces or may have drusy Quartz encrustations on alternate faces        





ATTRIBUTES Accessing the wisdom of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt, and their connection with the star people, Starseed is the perfect crystal for stellar and inter-dimensional communication. Engraved with indentations that act like a star map, Starseed assists you during meditation in discovering which star your spirit is associated with and your earth mission. It re-attunes to your star group and the collective purpose of the group, ameliorating home- sickness. It can break the ancestral-line patterns' that hold you in thrall, allowing you to be fully your Self

Spiritually, this crystal carries the energy of Green Tara, Buddhist goddess of compassion, and takes you to a Shamballa-like state, incorporating exceptional clarity and pure form within an infinity of being. There is nothing to do in this state except to be.

Psychologically, this crystal highlights forks in the road and shows that apparent mistakes carry the seeds of soul growth, shifting you from the perspective of the personality to that of the soul. As with all etched crystals, Starseed can be read to rediscover ancient knowledge and the soul's purpose in incarnating in the present life.

In karmic' or physical healing, Starseed Quartz connects to the blueprint' that controls the etheric blueprint and realigns to your optimum pattern.

In conjunction with Sugar Blade Quartz, Starseed awakens the third eye, soma, soul star and stellar gateway chakras and activates the unmanifest, bringing your heart and soul into unity It provides profound healing for metaphysical abilities' blocked in previous lives.

HEALING Works beyond the physical levels of being by realigning the etheric blueprint to the original, pure blueprint, so that it manifests physical perfection.

POSITION Hold or grid as appropriate.


NOTE Combine Starseed Quartz with Sugar Blade Quartz for maximum effect. 

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