Benefits of STICHTITE

Crystal Therapy


Lilac, purple


Waxy, opaque layers


Easily obtained


United States, Tasmania, Canada, South Africa

ATTRIBUTES Encouraging you to manifest your true self and live in accordance with your soul contract for the present life, Stichtite facilitates the movement of kundalini energy up the spine to the heart. It is a powerfully protective stone.

Psychologically, by assisting in keeping your mind, opinions and emotional awareness acutely tuned, Stichtite teaches how negative emotions and ingrained attitudes affect your well-being, supporting while you reframe these. This stone can ameliorate and throw light on the emotional issues that underlie eating disorders and food cravings or allergies.

Physically, Stichtite is a stone of resilience and recovery, supporting convalescence and reprogramming neural pathways in the brain to counteract degenerative disease.

If you or a child need to take a different path, Stichtite is the perfect tool and it is helpful for indigo children' with hyperactivity, attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or similar diseases. A beneficent stone to keep in your pocket if you live alone, Stichtite provides companionship and has a calming influence on the environment.

HEALING Beneficial for ADHD, skin elasticity and stretch marks, headaches, hernia, teeth and gums, Parkinson's and dementia. It calms the digestive and nervous systems and stabilizes blood pressure and brain chemistry.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. For ADHD, keep in a pocket.



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