Crystal Therapy




Clear to opaque Quartz or inclusions within Quartz              


Rare (may be manufactured)        



ATTRIBUTES Assisting in living consciously and joyfully in the moment, Strawberry Quartz teaches you how to find humour in all situations and bring divine love into everything you do. Natural Strawberry Quartz makes a potent gem essence for bringing love into the heart. Sprayed as an essence or gridded" around a room, it creates a harmonious, loving environment and wraps you in a cloak of love, wherever you may be.

Spiritually insightful, this stone enables the discovery, during meditation, of why the circumstances of your present incarnation were chosen and the karmic' gifts you brought to it.

Psychologically, Strawberry Quartz lessens the restrictions you place upon yourself and assists in reprogramming false beliefs, bringing in a positive view. This stone has an intense energy that assists both dream- recall and understanding the message a dream holds. Stabilizing connections between the physical and the subtle bodies', Strawberry Quartz brings to light hidden causes of current situations, especially when these are self-created. It enhances self-esteem and reduces anxiety, replacing it with tranquility.

Mentally, by facilitating clear thinking, Strawberry Quartz calms an agitated mind and gives a more objective perspective.

Emotionally, this stone brings joy and happiness into your life, teaching you how to no longer rely on others for positive feelings. Relieving tensions in an existing relationship, it encourages romance.

Physically, Strawberry Quartz facilitates the flow of divine love through all the cells of the body, bringing them into equilibrium and imparting a sense of well-being.

HEALING Heals anxiety and supports the heart.

POSITION Hold, grid or position as appropriate.


NOTE Strawberry Quartz may be artificially manufactured, which lessens but does not completely negate the intensity of its action 

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