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Long blades on the side of Drusy Quartz                   




South Africa        

ATTRIBUTES Having a particularly strong resonance with the soma and soul star chakras and the Higher Self', Sugar Blade Quartz helps to attune to the extraordinary breadth of your core spiritual identity and reflect this out to the world.

Spiritually, this formation carries the life-force energy of All That Is' and a hologram of your multi-dimensional self It aligns to and engages with the Higher Self and the infinity of being, and assists in choosing a life direction, showing which door to open to the future and which to close on the past.

A stone for extraterrestrial contact, Sugar Blade Quartz puts you into mental communication with star people to access the teachings of our neighbours in the universe. To know which star you hail from, place Sugar Blade Quartz on the soma or stellar gateway chakra to assist your journey' home and help bring back conscious awareness of whatever you discover.

Used in conjunction with Starseed, Sugar Blade Quartz awakens the third eye and soma chakras and activates the unmanifest, bringing heart and soul into unity. This stone provides profound healing for metaphysical abilities' blocked in previous lives, opening clairvoyance' and psychic vision.

Psychologically, this stone is particularly useful for those who feel that the earth is not their home planet and who have loose boundaries, as it makes physical incarnation more comfortable and protected by grounding' the light body' into the physical.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the light body.

POSITION Place or hold as appropriate. To encourage spaceship landings, grid around a suitable site.



Fairy Wand Quartz, from Mexico, which is similar to Spirit Quartz, has a strong connection with the faery realm and is useful for inner- dimensional' travel. A reversed Quartz sceptre, shown here, transmits healing energy, cleanses it and returns it to the healer. Sceptre Fairy Wand Quartz frees the mind from false illusions and brings it a point of stillness. Used with care by someone who has reached a high level of initiation, it heals incomplete initiations or completes one that failed in the past. Assisting in finding the gift in every experience, it calls together a soul group' to complete its mission. 

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